Saturday, January 9, 2010

Days 8 and 9

So, yesterday afternoon, I got home from work and totally hit a "brick wall". So, since I wasn't really feeling functional, I didn't get my picture for yesterday taken.

Today, I made up the difference. I took a few pictures of two completely unrelated things to make up for not having taken a picture yesterday.

So, the psuedo Day 8 picture is this:

Layden loves his monster trucks.  He was playing with them and when I pulled out the camera and laid on the floor to take the picture, he kept moving them around and asking me to take pictures of them.  It was kind of funny, I thought. 

And Day 9 for the picture today, I took pictures at the Rubber Stamp Convention that a friend of mine and I wandered around today.

I am looking forward to attempting to make one of these. They are called Concertina books.  It's double sided.  So, there are images on the other side as well.  Just really cool to look at.  I bought a kit that makes two. Now if I can just get some time to do it.

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