Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 - Christmas Season winding down

So, as I looked around the house today to figure out what all we needed to take down, pack and put away from Christmas, I realized that our movie collection includes a great number of Christmas Themed movies. With just a quick pass through what was easily reached, here's what I found in our collection.

Of course, my browsing around was my attempt at being inspired to take a photo for today. Yes, it's Day 4.

So, if you look at the list of movies in my photo, you'll see quite a selection. Do we put them up on a shelf now that Christmas is over? No, we have been known on ocassion to watch Christmas Themed movies at any time during the year. Layden's favorite is Polar Express. Audra likes all the TV Show Christmas shows. I, myself, am especially fond of The Year Without a Santa Claus and Bob likes It's a Wonderful Life and The Bells of St. Mary. And we all really like the Santa Clause series. So, why confine Christmas movie watching to just a few weeks out of the year? We don't.

And after all, given that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, can't we celebrate Christmas all year? Jesus is not a Savior that we can simply put into storage for 11 months of the year and only bring Him out for a few weeks to display. He's a Savior for all throughout the year.

Until tomorrow... Wonder what inspiration I'll find tomorrow... Just doing my best to get away from the norm and get out of my own comfort zone.

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