Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well two races were run on Monday at Texas Motor Speedway and then this weekend we got to watch two races run back to back at 'dega. Jamie just almost had the win in his grasp for the Sprint Cup race at 'dega and then kind of messed it up in the Nationwide race by trying to put his car where it didn't fit. He looked good though! It is nice to see him with some quality equipment rather than sloppy seconds like he was getting at Roush. It is definitely good to see him run up front!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Now blogging on my iPod touch

So I have had my iPod touch for about month now and have loaded and removed more apps than I care to admit. I think I have slowed down on finding new things that there are apps for until tonight when I got to thinking that I should see if there is an app to post to my blog so I can blog a bit more faithfully ( maybe ) and low and behold there's even a free one! So I will try it and see if it will work. Now if there was an app to go ahead and take and post 365 challenge pics for me I would be all back on track.

Til next time