Monday, May 25, 2009

Slacker!!! I AM A SLACKER!!!

Wow... Has it really been that long since I posted? Phwew... Life got crazy... Girl Scout Cookie Sales and then just madness of living.
So, this weekend, we spent the weekend rearranging, decluttering and prepping for new desks, a bookshelf and a lateral file (well, new to us). They are great. We got them from friends of ours. And I had to take pictures while they didn't have piles of crap piled on them! Ha Ha!

First, there's a small desk with hutch that will eventually end up in our daughter's room. Here's a good place for the laptops.

Then, an L shaped desk with a hutch that will have permanent residence here in the family room.

Then, a book shelf.

And, a Lateral file cabinet.

Now, we just have to recover from the weekend... Thank goodness for good friends that help you move the heavy stuff!
Next weekend? Yep, more furniture. We are inheriting a bedroom set (bunk beds, desk, dresser) from a friend for our son. Phwew...