Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 11 - The Student of the Week

I'm so proud of both of my kids.  Audra, this past week, was chosen as Student of the Week.  Well, I guess they kind of chose her before the Christmas Break.  But last week was HER week.  I totally forgot to keep checking the sign out front of the school to see her name emblazened in black letters on the sign.  Yesterday as she was getting ready for bed, she reminded me that I should go look at the sign today.  I took the camera when I dropped her off, but it was so cold and the traffic was pretty think around the school, so I only walked over to the sign to confirm her name was there.  It was.  So I went back to my car and headed home for a quick cup of coffee while I waited for the traffic to die down a bit with school starting for the day.  And when I was ready, I hopped into my car, camera in hand and drove back over to the school.   There in all it's glory was the sign.  And Audra's name was right up there in Big Black Letters.  So, my picture for today is this...

There it is.  Audra C.  What a beautiful sight to see.  I didn't miss it. 

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