Monday, July 9, 2007

I have to brag on Layden a little. He's been trying so hard to not go potty in his pullup because he wants to wear big boy underwear (spiderman undies). Yesterday, he stayed dry ALL day!!! And so as a reward, he got to wear a pair of big boy underwear today... I had CARS ones for him today. He stayed dry ALL day today too!!! Tomorrow, it's Spiderman! He's finally getting the hang of it. And it's also been 4 nights now since he's been going to bed without his sippy cup of water. He still asks, but doesn't cry when told no. Strike one more bad habit!!!

Audra is doing great too. She's being very aware of what she's eating and she's trying to be more active. I guess I could take a lesson from her. Who knew that at 9 years old, she would be so good at keeping an eye on those things? I'm so proud of her!!!

Yep, there's my proud momma post!!! My kids are wonderful!

More later...