Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sitting at the Library

So, today, I opted to sit at the library for a set amount of time so that my Girl Scouts and their moms who wanted to come by and get Cookie info could do that. What a great idea on my part! I have forgotten how nice it is to just pick a time and be somewhere rather than trying to meet up with everyone's schedules. Well, only one of my girls has come by, but hey, I made myself available and that's what counts.

I am enjoying watching people. This library is so inviting. It's relatively new... built a few years ago. There's a lot of buzz around the room. Some folks on their own computers, some folks are on the library computers and of course, you can hear the kiddos moving around. It's nice to see that people use the library. I always seem to forget it's over here. I get so busy and I forget that I should take some time out to just come over here and sit.

Later today, there's some activity that's free for kids about the science of bubbles. As one of my Girl Scout moms said a bit ago, it's not so much that the kids are a problem, but the parents who aren't parenting that makes those kind of free events such a pain to be around. So, in a few minutes, I am packing up and leaving.

It's a rainy day again today. So, it's not one of those days when you want to go outside and do stuff. It's a good day to just stay inside and veg...

Guess that's what I'll do... crochet, craft, or just nap. We shall see what happens.

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