Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - A Fresh New Start

Today, we ring in the new year with a cold, blustery day. It's overcast and at 4pm the temperature reads 36 degrees with a wind chill of 29 degrees. While I am thankful for the cold because it should hopefully lessen the bug population, it makes wanting to do anything in my scrapbook area a little challenging because that room isn't nearly as warm as the main part of the house where many family is all cuddled under various quilts and blankets.  I must find the motivation to get back to scrapbooking as it seems all I have done in recent months is buy supplies instead of using up what I have.

So while my cuddly family sits and watches movies, I am heating water for hot cocoa, and wondering where my warm fuzzy socks are.

I have crafting goals for 2013.  First and foremost is to actually craft!  In that I want to find and set aside time at least once a month (ideally more often) to sit down and actually scrapbook.  I want to make more cards than I buy and I want to do some service project stuff (like blankets for preemies or even cards for soldiers oversees). 

One other challenge I have taken on is to create a sky scarf where I crochet a row each day that matches the sky for that day.  Today, the sky is light gray.  My foundation row and first row are complete. 

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Busy Bee Andrea said...

What a cool idea for a sky scarf! Cant wait to see the end product!

txscrapbooks said...

Found the inspiration on pinterest of course. Hope I can keep it going all year.