Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

So, yesterday was New Year's Day, 2009. I was hoping to actually get to scrapbooking on the project I am working on for our church. However, I spent most of my day building out my scrapping area and sorting and stuff. Not quite the productive time I had hoped to spend. It's okay though because now I can actually reach my scrapbooking stuff (yeah, crap was piled up in front of it all and I couldn't hardly even see it). My wonderful hubby built me a bench that my plastic storage drawers will eventually reside under. The nice thing is that now, for the first time since I got it, I have my scraprack up on the bench and I don't have to disassemble it everytime I clear out my scrapping area so we can eat (yeah, former scrapping area was the dining room table).

So, I just got done looking at a bunch of photos on line from our church events and ordering them. I have several events worth of pictures in hand, but I finally got a link to some albums from one of our church members who is a really good photographer. So, I had to order some to fill in. So, now that that is done, and my scrapbooking stuff is almost sorted, I have pulled out my pics for my project and I can start to put some pictures on pages... I have already cropped and rounded corners... Now it's matting time and then layouts! So, at least I am not starting completely from scratch.

I guess spending the day yesterday and most of today organizing should make it a little easier to really get going on my scrapbooking. I keep looking at the forums on some of my favorite scrapbooking sites and keep eyeing the idea of jumping in on some challenges... But then I realize I am probably better off sticking to one and if that ends up going well perhaps I can jump in on some monthly ones or weekly ones later on. Right now, I'm concentrating on the Journalling/blogging challenge from (Shameless plug, I know).

So, hubby just went to get the kiddos from daycare and I suspect they'll be wired when they get home. I guess I should really get these pictures matted and make some real, demonstrable progress on this book!

I'll be back later, probably when I take a break.


Sarah said...

What a busy girl you are! Your scrap room sounds nice - have a Happy New Year!

Mommy2Liam said...

I think that having things a little organized makes a world of difference when you actually sit down to scrap! Sounds like you really did have a productive day!

Candace said...

I know what you mean about the challenges. I want to do them to motivate me but I don't want to commit to too many because I don't want to get overwhelmed. Happy Scrapping!

Melissa said...

my scrap area is a disaster at the moment and I have a ton to do as well and Monday its back to work. SO I know how you were feeling but now you are a step ahead of me! Keep it clean :)

Kelly said...

well at least you are getting the organizing done! now you can scrap away :)