Wednesday, January 7, 2009

8 More Envelopes of Pictures

Isn't it funny how you look at pictures online and decide to order some and it might not seem like it's that many. Then, the order arrives and you end up scratching your head because you couldn't have possibly ordered THAT many pictures... Yep, I have 8 more envelopes full of pictures from various folks and events during our Centennial year at church. That's the project I'm working on. A Scrapbook of the Centennial Year.

So, I brought the 8 envelopes with me to work today. Figured I could crop them down at lunch and be that much further ahead. Phwew. These are gonna be some big scrapbooks!


FairyKisses05 said...

yes, I do understand what you mean on ordering picture! Or taking as many pictures and then forgetting to take them in and before you know have 100 pictures on your camera! lol
*Its pamelalynne from

Kelly said...

I have hundreds to be developed myself. It can seem a little overwheming, but to me it actually seems less daunting when they are in my hands vs. on the computer. Plus, it is fun to look through them after they are developed. Have fun with the scrapping!

Candace said...

My problem is not ordering them and then when I go to print all my pics I have hundreds to print! That costs a lot!