Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So it's another day

It's been kind of a rough week. And it's only Wednesday. At least we are over the hump of the week. My boss is on vacation, which is a good thing because on Monday, he was very angry and chewed me out about something that our team basically has no control over. I chalked it up to him getting pressure from someone else and hence the crap rolls downhill.

So, today I go in for my every-other-week iv treatment. These are getting a little old. Two weeks ago, on the day after my iv, I was sick as a dog! I still went on my daughter's school field trip because I didn't think I could skip it, but we didn't do all the other stuff in the afternoon I had hoped before my husband and son arrived home. Anyway, so I'm hoping that tomorrow, after my iv today, I'll be okay. If I'm not, then I guess it's time to think of something else to deal with this anemia. I've been anemic pretty much all my life... Just that it's gotten worse over the past several years and my doctor is more uncomfortable with me being anemic than he ever has been before.

I was so quick to run out of the house today, I neglected to pick up even a book to read while sitting there for an hour. Guess it will be nappy time...

Well, gotta run, finishing up stuff before I leave work.


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