Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sick again...

Well, last night, the sick feelings hit me like a ton of bricks!!! It was the same feeling as all day the day afterward last time. So, I guess it has to do with the IV treatments. I called the IV nurse today to ask what the possible side effects from this would be. She questioned why I needed to know... I told her that I keep getting sick afterward and she said that was kind of strange. I've been doing this for so long, I shouldn't be experiencing any side effects at this point. Well, I am... I was sick as a dog for about an hour and a half last night before I finally went off to bed feeling a bit better... Then, WHAM! Around 11:30pm, it hit me again... Blah... I couldn't get comfortable, the pain was pretty intense. I finally felt a little better after about an hour and so I crawled my butt back in bed... Struggled to get comfortable and finally passed back out. Feel okay today, other than I'm worn out. I can still feel a little twinge now and then of the pains and feeling of nausea, but nothing like last night or the day after the last time. My joints are achy today too... But at least I just found out that the party thing I was supposed to go to tonight (even though I didn't want to) was cancelled... So, there is that.

So, now, I'm just sitting here at work trying to be busy and look busy in the process. I'm counting hours til I can leave.

Tomorrow night, I guess I'll be taking DD to the NASCAR Truck Race by myself. We can't get a babysitter and so DH is keeping DS at home while us girls go Racing!

Saturday is the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington and I plan to spend all day there. I'm taking two classes too... Should be lots of fun!

Well, back to finding little things to finish up here at work.

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