Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

So, yeah, I keep saying I'm going to do better with my blog updating, and yet, it's been MONTHS and MONTHS!  For those of you still following along, thank you... Hang in there with me for a while, would ya?  My perspective and priorities are changing and I am so very determined to make it work this time.  No, I won't be taking a set number of pictures.  No, I won't be posting a set number of posts.  However, I have begun to schedule time to make updates to this blog.  With the world of social networking... facebook, twitter, etc... so readily available on each and every smartphone and not so smartphone out there, I have fallen victim to the lazy way out of updating things... Post it to facebook...

It is my humble hope that I can plan my time better in 2012 to allow me to really put thoughts into words and post blog updates rather than relying on Facebook solely. 

So, again, if you are still following along, thank you... and let's get ready to get rolling!


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