Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, we are saying goodbye to another year. As we do, I am sitting here reflecting on the past twelve months. We have certainly had a challenging year this year. Car repairs, house repairs, etc. certainly tested our faith and finances.

I had to make the decision to replace the Prius this year after 8 years. Three big repair bills and an expensive diagnosis for the last warning light's cause were enough to make it necessary. I am now driving a 2007 Ford Fusion. It's definitely different and larger. I miss a few things about the Prius, but I think the lack of repairs needed on this car certainly outweigh the desire to keep the Prius.

The house repairs definitely kept us on our toes. I am thankful that we made it through a lot of repairs.

2011 will bring new beginnings and new adventures.

Welcome 2011!!!! (forgot to finish and post last night)

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