Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where have I been?

Wow. I come and go and don't manage to remember to post on this blog with any regularity at all.

School started last week and so the madness ensues. Seventh grade and first grade. That is what our experince will be this year. It is new but comfy for both kiddos from what I can tell.

With the new school year comes new adventures. Layden is old enough now to be a cub scout I think so we will go to scout night at his school to check it out. He is always so dejected when Audra and I head off to do something Girl Scout related. This year will be his year to start. Should be interesting.

Well hopefully I will get better at posting more often. I actually have several photos and topics I would love to share so I should really get those thoughts composed into posts.

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