Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plumbing fun abounds

So, a couple of weeks ago, we discovered that the kitchen faucet was leaking under the sink and running out on the floor from the cabinet. Hubby and I decided we could replace it since we had replaced it so many years ago when we moved in. I went to Lowes and picked out a new faucet. Hubby put the new faucet in, but afterwards, the dishwasher didn't work. It wasn't getting water. So, for a couple of evenings, we were so busy, we couldn't diagnose the problem.

Hubby fiddled with the valves and the dishwasher began to work. But when the dishwasher began to drain, it broke out the connection on the garbage disposal and yes, flooded the cabinet and kitchen floor again... So, we quickly shut off the dishwasher. The water level was lower than the bottom of the door, so we had some time to figure it all out.

We debated about whether to replace the garbage disposal or to just plumb it up to the sink and be done with it. We went to Home Depot and got a new garbage disposal. We thought we were home free, but tonight, the news is that the dishwasher isn't working again. Ugh... I hate plumbing. I hate finding a flood in the kitchen.

I dare not ask if anything else can go wrong...

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